Simplifying trial & mediation prep for attorneys

Cloud-based tool for trial or mediation prep. Allows anyone to paint a clear story of case facts by tying events together over a timeline. Great for case collaboration or helping individuals better represent themselves.
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1 Review5.0/5
I think it an excellent tool ! Great for anyone to document their case
While I have been building software for attorneys for 6 years, I never have truly understood some of the challenges until I had to visit a court room. I found myself in a civil law situation where my attorney struggled to collect and present evidence in a clear manner. I found that by creating an easier way to paint the picture for them, the better it would be for everyone. It saved both of us time and me a lot of money while helping me get a winning result in a court room. We allow the client to collaborate by dragging and dropping evidence by date and connecting case facts to allegations or questions. This application can be used by judges or mediators to normalize both sides of the evidence they are presented and it can be used by self represented litigants to simplify case or mediation prep and gain better access to justice. The application is currently free and Im adding Premium features every day.
Hey Noah, signed up but haven't received the "verification" email yet. Any ideas?
@amy_pawl_frederico- thanks for letting me know- what is your email so I can triage?
Noah, I signed up and have a few questions about security, sharing, and presentation. Is there an email address or support page I can consult"