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Hey there Product Hunt. I'm Damian, the founder of Silvrback, AMA!
Welcome, Damian! First off, great work on the design. Simple and clean. I especially like the bio page that highlights most popular posts and provides more information about the writer. I've wanted to do something similar with my homepage (plug: How do you plan to compete with tumblr, ghost, wordpress, medium, and other blogging platforms? It's especially challenging to migrate people from existing solutions when they have content and familiarity with their current provider.
Thanks Ryan! Silvrback provides a much more enjoyable writing experience than many of the existing blogging platforms out there. It gets out of your way and lets you focus on your words. Medium has a similar approach, but it offers you no ownership of your own content. Silvrback is also extremely programmer friendly, in the sense that it provides beautiful syntax highlighting and the choice between 4 different syntax themes. Ghost is a great new blogging platform as well, but only the hosted version of Ghost is really comparable to Silvrback. I'm obviously biased, but I believe the Silvrback editor is better for writers. Silvrback uses web sockets to keep a preview page entangled with your document (in contrast to a split screen live preview). This approach doesn't split your focus and still offers a preview of your work.
@3solarmasses - True WYSWYG editors are great (one of Medium's biggest strengths). How are you planning to acquire users?
I agree. Medium definitely has a nice editor. I haven't done much marketing yet. My users have been promoting Silvrback extensively and this has been the biggest mechanism for growth. For example, a great number of users have written their first blog post about how much they love Silvrback. I'm going to be releasing some new front-end layouts soon, and I'm hoping that having a couple of new options will accommodate a bigger audience. Also, I'm always improving the platform and adding new features. Keeping users happy is the best thing you can do for a new service to survive, in my opinion.