SilverSocks 2.0

The world's cleanest no-show socks that eliminate odor 🧦

SilverSocks are Incredibly comfortable premium quality socks that eliminate odor, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter 🧦 Now with a lot more silver, tighter cuffs and wider designs!

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Hunters, We’re back again now after our immensely successful kickstarter project for our silversocks. We received a lot of great feedback and now we have improved our socks to include a lot more silver, tighter cuffs and wider design. These are a must have for your sock draw, or just replace the sock draw with a few pair of these 😏
We currently have 10$ OFF on our socks this week but Product Hunters can get an EXTRA 30% OFF using promo code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout. In the end, that's $35 for 3 pairs of Silver Socks.
What's the main point???
@pernomina_alexandra The Silver kills all bacteria from your feet so your feet stay smelling fresh
@pernomina_alexandra @raja__umar Im in the same boat as @pernomina_alexandra here, I didnt know whats so special about them until you mentioned it. You need to improve the information provided on the sales page because the site, and the above information in the product hunt description dont provide that / are presented down the page when people want to know instantly. Your slogan is "The World's Cleanest No-Show Socks", If thats the USP, flaunt it and explain why a bit more.
@pernomina_alexandra @mykro Hey Micheal, thanks for the awesome advice. We love this kind of pitching in from the community on product hunt.
@pernomina_alexandra @raja__umar No Problem, hope that can help conversions, goodluck
@pernomina_alexandra @mykro I hope it does too. We'll put the reasons for the silver at the very top so it's perfectly clear. Thanks again!
I purchased SilverSocks during the kickstarter campaign and I could not love them more! Awesome product guys! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more products!
@tamayers Hey Tam, We're so glad you're enjoying them! They've been slightly updated since KS so if you're looking for more, now you know where to find them.
How many pairs do you get for $50?
@dave_poly Hey Dave, you get 3 pairs for $35 with the PRODUCTHUNT promo code at checkout.
@raja__umar Are you getting any pushback on price? Seems like a very particular customer that would pay $11.50 for 1 pair of socks (after savings). Especially when the average person loses socks to the sock monster that lives in the dryer.
@dave_poly HI Dave, currently in the market, the highest Silver content we'd seen was 5% of Silver ions. (they're just bits of silver sprinkled on and get washed out easily). With our socks, we wanted to try something new so we upped the Silver content to 20% and had it threaded in alongside the cotton. This approach leads to a stronger built sock that never loses it's antibacterial properties. This is the reason we're not getting any complaints, the socks are built to be better than others that are available and the methods we use justify the prices. To give you an idea of how much they cost, we're not really making a profit on the socks as they're priced now. And personally, we air-dry our socks outside so we're not familiar with the sock monster haha (we hope it doesn't like silver)