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This is like betalist with benefits! Early adopters get a reward for being early, startups get promotion.
@charlieirish thanks for the feature!
I've used SignupFirst for our latest beta product, and what I can say is that the team is fantastically helpful, always doing its best to feature you through all their touchpoints. Wishing them good luck for the future!
@marwannas thank you for your positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed using SignUpFirst!
Hello! SignUpFirst connects early adopters and startups. Browse, search and sign up to startups that are giving exclusive rewards to users who sign up first. We created SignUpFirst to solve a problem, we wanted to create an easier way for people to get their first active signups to their website or app. Traditionally the hardest part of launching any website or app, is getting the first signups, we solve that problem. Our platform enables anyone to post their website or app, and start getting people aboard early. I hope you enjoy checking out and using our site, we are also developing more features very soon.
@davidsthinking Hello! looks like a nice project! Sorry to ask but why exposing the .PHP extension in all urls ex: its been really really long since last time I saw something like this, you can just cover it up with a .htaccess :P also curious do you happen to use any MVC framework? thanks
@deambulando Hey, no problem! Our site is moving away from a heavily bootstrapped, cheaply coded startup to a more professional development team curtesy of teaming up with a tech partner koncept. Steadily but surly we are working on recoding and correcting such old fashioned code as well as developing lots of features to complete MVP stage. As far as MVC I'll get a comment from the new dev team to answer that. @madebykoncept
@davidsthinking for an MVC on PHP probably take a look to laravel and symfony rather than vanilla php ;) regards
Just started using @SignUpFirst1 for my company that lunched 4 days ago. Love the idea and their customer support is amazing! Can't wait to see how it goes.
Congrats @davidsthinking ! I have been a big fan of Signupfirst win for both sides.
@jitsalunke thanks! I am a big believer in products that solve real problems.