Communicate with sign language on iOS

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I'm at a loss at seeing the advantages this provides for those who are deaf. Does typing with sign language images actually become more advantageous than just typing text? I do find it as an awesome learning tool for sign language beginners. I love seeing more accessibility tools being built.
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@gregbarbosa Completely agree with you, Greg. I don't quite understand how this would help the communication process - in fact, I think this might even slow down communication for people who are deaf. If this is an app that will be used more to make learning sign language cool and trendy, then I can see that. But not to make communication easier for those who are deaf.
Is being able to type in sign language vs typing in any other language preferred by deaf users?
"When it comes to communicating on mobile for Deaf people, sign language isn’t really an option unless using video messages. That’s about to change with the release of Signily, a sign language keyboard app for iOS (coming soon to Android). The keyboard uses emoji-style hands portraying accurate signs and shapes." More on TNW: