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The best alternatives to Signily Keyboard are Deaf Alphabet, Transcense, and Ace ASL by SignAll. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Signily Keyboard
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  • A simple app, that converts text into sign language. You can then share them with anyone, by downloading an image of your translation

  • Converse w/ the deaf, w/o sign language (pre-launch)

  • Ace ASL is the first app that uses AI to provide immediate feedback on users’ signingQuiz after each unit for quick assessment of the learning progress. All signs are taught by a culturally Deaf native ASL user...

  • Learn the ABC in American Sign Language with machine learning.

  • A Chrome extension that automatically sets the writing direction to right-to-left (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) or left-to-right based on the written language. You can also manually change the direction of any editabl...

  • Basics of Sign Language is a pocket library equipped with all the pre-requisites of sign language. This app encloses ISL(Indian Sign Language), ASL(American SL) and BSL(British SL) in an user-friendly interface...