SignEasy for Gmail 2.0

Sign documents or collect signatures directly within Gmail

SignEasy Gmail Add-on helps you sign documents or send them to others for signature in minutes, all without leaving your inbox.
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Hi ProductHunt folks! 👋 I'm Sudeep, from the Product team at SignEasy. You already know and love our Google Drive app and our Chrome Extension. I'm excited to announce that we have added another strand to our growing web of Google integrations: our brand-new Gmail Add-on. Gmail users can officially sign and send documents without leaving their inbox! Streamlining workflows and slashing extra steps is the key to enhanced productivity. Our email inbox is the hub of our daily hustle, so the SignEasy team thought it was time to place our eSignature solution at your fingertips via Gmail. SignEasy for Gmail 2.0 has several advantages over SignEasy for Gmail, including the ability to send documents to others for signatures and cross-browser support. If you receive an email with an attached document(s), you will be able to open and sign them right within Gmail using our handy add-on. If you are not the intended signer, you can annotate the document as needed and forward it along to your colleagues. We would love to know your thoughts on the add-on. If you have good things to say, please add your feedback on the listing directly - it helps us rank higher on the marketplace. ✌Happy signing! - Sudeep from SignEasy
Cool but I wonder how these can be legally binding?
@anna_0x all documents signed via SignEasy are legally binding. We track and provide audit trail with every signature - which contains details on the IP used for signing along with the timestamp. Additionally, our users can also verify if their signed document has been tampered with through our Verify Document feature. You can read more on eSignature legality status across different regions of the globe here:
@anna_0x eSignatures have been as legal as pen and paper for over a decade in US due to ESIGN Act and now much more widely used and accepted in EU due to eIDAS regulation.
@anna_0x @_sudeeps - looks great. One question - how do you handle storing information on the eSigners including the IP address from a GDPR perspective as this is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) under GDPR?
@anna_0x @patrick_o_connor1 great question. We have mentioned in our terms of use that "...we track your IP address solely for the purposes of determining the geographical location from which you are accessing the Platform." Furthermore, we can delete all PII about the user if they reach out to us and ask us to.
What's new in this update?
@aaronoleary while SignEasy for Gmail 1.0 was a Chrome Extension, 2.0 is a Gmail Add-on with many superior capabilities including the ability to send documents for signature to others and cross-browser/system support.
@_sudeeps So If I send a contract for a client to sign from gmail. do they have to install stuff? I have no problem installing plugins, clients do though.
@sloth Your client doesn't need to install anything. They will receive an email for signing the document and they can sign it without even creating a SignEasy account. :)