Next-generation solution for algorithmic trading

The new version of Signals is live! No download, no installation, Signals is a browser-based algorithmic trading laboratory for creating, analyzing, and executing trading models on high-resolution financial data with the computational power of our data center.
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guys, looks like you've absolutely nailed this, I've been thinking about lots of similar ideas around this but looks like you've progressed this beyond and created something really compelling, kudos, can't wait to have a play around.
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Thank you very much for your comment Danny.:)
Hello hunters, Pavel, Signals’ founder here. With no downloading and no installation, we provide you instant access to professional trading tools together with terabytes of data and processing power of our data center in your web browser. Our goal is to break down barriers to algorithmic trading and enable you to tap any device into a powerful trading tool and playground for any of your trading experiment. We have recently released a beta version of the platform, so you can enjoy the simplicity of our framework and intuitive user-friendly experience.:) We’re ready to answer all questions and welcome any feedback!
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It's a way for anyone to create trading bots- who's going to complain about bot manipulation if it's a free-for-all?


It's an easy way for anyone to receive alerts about their coins' performance, no matter their tech knowledge.


Most seem to have been addressed in future update plans (live trading, etc.)

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Hello everyone! I am Jakub, community manager at Signals. Exciting to launch Signals here on Product Hunt. Let us know what do you think :)
This looks really smart. Would love to have a play around. What's stopping you from monitoring everyone's algos, and implementing the best ones for yourself? edit: just to clarify, i'm not accusing you. But it's something anyone serious about trading would like an answer to before that put anything through this
@rdlou Hello Robert, Signals doesn't look into your algorithms. We are a technological startup and we have no intention to become a hedge fund. Our business model is to provide you with infrastructure and professional tools for creating strategies. Trust from the community is the most valuable asset that we have and we can't afford to violate it, either intentionally or by error. We take intellectual property of our users very seriously because if we ever lost their trust we'd lose the whole community. It's just not worth to steal any algorithm.