Signal 2.0

Founder-VC network for fundraising

Signal 2.0 helps top founders & VCs find each other, transforming the fundraising process. 10's of top VCs helped build. Fundraising is medieval. Time to fix it.

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Thx for the hunt! I'm one of makers and was a founder myself. I hand researched hundreds of VCs and drove around to tons of meeting. It's 2017 - there has to be a better way to this process by using software.
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@heyamylin hands down the best tool when it comes to preparing your fundraising, great job!
Too much time is spent on founders and VCs finding each other. A tool like this is needed!

We used Signal to set up almost half of our investor interactions. The system makes sure we came in with a 'warm' introduction from a friend which greatly improved the odds of a favorable outcome.


Very easy to find the VC's that are interested in your companies focus area and funding level.


They system could use some gamification to communicate where in the introduction process you are.

Our company used Signal religiously during our (successful) seed raise and it's hard to estimate how much time and hassle it saved us.


Completely cuts the noise of looking for the right investors for your stage, industry, check size, etc. and gives best intro path in seconds


Initial interaction with product may take a few minutes to familiarize, then it's off to the races

Amazing! When the developing team is made of CEOs and VCs, the outcome is a sleek product for... CEOs and VCs! that really feel the pain of the users. kudos NFX Guild!