Signal 2.0

Founder-VC network for fundraising

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Signal 2.0 helps top founders & VCs find each other, transforming the fundraising process. 10's of top VCs helped build. Fundraising is medieval. Time to fix it.

  • Faber
    FaberData Scientist

    Very easy to find the VC's that are interested in your companies focus area and funding level.


    They system could use some gamification to communicate where in the introduction process you are.

    We used Signal to set up almost half of our investor interactions. The system makes sure we came in with a 'warm' introduction from a friend which greatly improved the odds of a favorable outcome.

    Faber has used this product for one month.
  • Gyan Kapur
    Gyan KapurI enjoy healthcare.

    I like the network idea and finding connections through others.


    This is only connected to gmail, that you can only connect it to one email (many of us use multiple), and that sweet spots are singular.

    It would be great (as a start) if we could connect this to multiple email addresses as many people have multiple nowadays. It would also be great if you could specify "sweet spots"/investing ranges in multiple ways. Many people in venture invest both out of a fund and personally (angel) or have access to SPV vehicles for certain size deals and a fund for others. Pretty cool product otherwise.

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Amy Lin
Amy LinMaker@heyamylin · Head of Product, NFX
Thx for the hunt! I'm one of makers and was a founder myself. I hand researched hundreds of VCs and drove around to tons of meeting. It's 2017 - there has to be a better way to this process by using software.
Rhai@rhaivimies · Pulling the future forward @Sounds_app 🚀
@heyamylin hands down the best tool when it comes to preparing your fundraising, great job!
Gabriel Cebrian
Gabriel CebrianHunter@gabceb · Founder @Blendspace, @SmartValet
Too much time is spent on founders and VCs finding each other. A tool like this is needed!
Ishai Ankri
Ishai Ankri@ishaiankri · Head of Product
Amazing! When the developing team is made of CEOs and VCs, the outcome is a sleek product for... CEOs and VCs! that really feel the pain of the users. kudos NFX Guild!
Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer,
Wow what Signal is doing to today is what CruchBase, should have done years ago.
Ross Blankenship
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship · Startup Expert, Technology Advisor
Cool. Now add me to the list :) Ross Blankenship CEO @
Amy Lin
Amy LinMaker@heyamylin · Head of Product, NFX
@rossblankenship Ross, it's community driven so investors and founders can add investors by simply editing investment stages and interests.