Automatic refunds from hidden credit card benefits

Sift automatically gets you money back when prices drop and unlocks all the other great hidden benefits that you probably were not aware of! Sift analyzes hidden benefits that are buried in complex credit card policies and files the appropriate claims on user’s behalf, getting consumers back tens of billions currently left on the table every year.

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What guarantees are there that email information isn’t being sold, à la Tried to read through terms But Every Word Being Capitalized Made It Super Hard To Read. On the other hand, super excited to try this!
No Android yet?
@colemercer coming soon. Web app will probably be available in a few weeks!
Hey PH Community, Thank you, Kevin, for hunting us! I’m Abhinav, one of the makers of Sift. In the words of Apple which featured us in a spotlight editorial story (“Apps For a Happy, Healthy Wallet"): “Find fun in the Fine Print. (Yes, really!) Sift combs through all the legalese that comes with credit card sign-ups and unearths all the good stuff…” Most Americans, who average between two and four credit cards, are aware of their common benefits such as points, merchandise rewards, and travel. But credit card perks are like an iceberg – some of the most valuable benefits are underneath the surface, hidden behind jargon and fine print or are hard to take advantage of. We couldn’t believe that so much money was being left on the table when it belonged in the pockets of consumers so we set out to build Sift! Sift automatically tracks all the benefits on your credit card and then streamlines the claim process for you. Some of the more interesting benefits are price protection, extended warranty and theft and damage protection. There a whole slew of travel benefits such (e.g. car rental insurance, flight delay, baggage loss etc..) which are still in beta but we plan to have things ironed out here over the next month. Feel free to share any comments and questions! Thanks!
@abhinavdubey This is a clever idea. One suggestion it to parse out Amazon returns. No need to annoy the user with items they returned.
@ssnacks thanks for the feedback! It's been on our backlog for a while but we will prioritize this!
@abhinavdubey looks awesome. Just wanted to point out the app is pretty buggy. Can't punch in last 4 of any of my CCs. Also swiping between cards and opening detail accordions are unresponsive 50% of the time. Look forward to seeing this shine!
Been using this for a couple weeks now and just got a check in the mail from my credit card company. Huge fan!
Hi guys, looks pretty slick! But trying to figure out the difference between you guys and Earny and Paribus? I use Earny and it seems to do the same thing that you guys are? Or am I missing something here?
@robinsinghvi Hi Robin - we are different in that we unlock ALL the credit card insurance benefits on ALL the major credit cards (i.e. warranties, returns, theft and damage, trip delay etc...). We support price protection for all the major credit cards and for now we are still free. Hope that helps!
@abhinavdubey Thanks and that is great info! Signed up and taking it for a ride now :)