Instantly book a musician to play at your party or event.

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Kyle Bragger
Kyle BraggerHunter@kylebragger · made Exposure, Forrst, Tinyproj
I really love this idea.
Schuyler Deerman
Schuyler DeermanMaker@schuylerdeerman
@kylebragger Thanks Kyle!
Andreas Klinger
Andreas KlingerHiring@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Ha! Spoke with @schuylerdeerman two days ago. He mentioned he wanted to wait with his producthunt launch. I told him that it's very unlikely not to be on PH right from the start, because people will dig the idea :) Good spot @kylebragger :)
Schuyler Deerman
Schuyler DeermanMaker@schuylerdeerman
@andreasklinger Hey Andreas, great to run into you at Startup School Europe.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
this is an interesting model. have you seen anyone do this successfully before? @zisk @mattdsandler @shachargilad @daualset
Schuyler Deerman
Schuyler DeermanMaker@schuylerdeerman
@eriktorenberg Depends how you define success. :) There are definitely sites for finding musicians, but they're lacking clear, upfront pricing, payments and that feeling of "instant". We want to simplify the process of booking an artist, but also make it easier for new musicians to get discovered and booked.
Shachar Gilad
Shachar GiladHiring@shachargilad · Founder, SoundBetter
@schuylerdeerman @eriktorenberg Looks great, I like it. I think you're going to have an easy time convincing musicians to sign up for the service. Booking gigs is a pain for musicians and the prospect of 'being booked' instead (i.e. transferring the onus to the booking agents and event planners) is an attractive proposition for musicians. Convincing booking agents who are used to being courted by musicians to be more pro-active might be a challenge. Not sure if you do it yet, but keeping musicians' calendars updated could be a value-add for the pro venues, since scheduling is one of their pains. It'll make the instant experience more instant. Generally I think the service will be an easier sell for party organizers - private people who don't organize gigs regularly, as opposed to live music venues. An idea - If you can offer some kind of 'professionalism guarantee' you'd lower the friction for private event organizers to pull the trigger. Your main challenge in the end I think will be reaching those private individuals and generating enough demand. If you can do that, you win. Glad to help with anything, feel free to reach out.
Schuyler Deerman
Schuyler DeermanMaker@schuylerdeerman
@shachargilad Thanks for the comments! The supply side issues are definitely less of an issue for us than the demand side. I reached out to you on LinkedIn. Would love to be in touch with you. Thanks again, Schuyler
Claudio Gallo
Claudio Gallo@daualset · @shazam
I like this, I hope this will help musicians to find more gigs. It's a quick way to book artists, mainly aimed at people outside of the live venues circuit and that are organizing private events. So it's different from services as Sonicbids that are moreover focusing on US market (while Sidestage is starting in a vibrant music city as Berlin)
Carey Martell
Carey Martell@carey_martell · New Media Expert and Entrepreneur
Austin and LA are probably going to be the best places to launch this state-side.