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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2017

Sidekix is a smart walking and urban discovery app which offers routes according to your interests.

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  • Chedva KleinhandlerFounder and CEO, Lean On

    I travel a lot for business and it helps me experience the city even with very limited time



    As someone who traveles a lot but has very limited time to explore, Sidekix helps me experience the cities I visit according to my (very specific) intesrests and dietary restrictions

    Chedva Kleinhandler has used this product for one year.
  • Gili GolanderCo-founder and CMO, Bazaart

    It helps me find hidden treasures in new and familiar cities.


    I'd love to have support for Hebrew.

    My favorite type of travel is city travel, so this app is perfect for me.

    Gili Golander has used this product for one year.


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Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
Hey Hunters! We’re happy to introduce you to the newly redesigned Sidekix, now available also on Android (as well as iOS). What is Sidekix, you ask? We’ve been called “waze for walkers” or the lovechild of Yelp and Google maps. At our essence, we are a smart walking and urban discovery app for people who love to explore on foot. We believe that walking is the best way to discover a city and truly understand its local vibe. Most navigation apps offer only the shortest or fastest way. This is fine when you’re in a rush, but less useful when you travel, or have leisure time to explore. To truly enjoy a city, you should enjoy it your way: So we pioneered the concept of experience based routing--offering route choices based on your interests. If you’re in Paris to shop, Sidekix will offer routes with the maximum number of boutiques. If you want the cultural side of Berlin, we include the most landmarks and historical buildings. How do we do this? Well, what we don’t do is overwhelm you with every business or attraction--just the highest rated ones. By curating suggestions, make it easier to have urban adventures on the fly. Sidekix is available in hundreds of cities through-out the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia, and adding more all the time. We’d love for you to try us! -Jenny, Sidekix Co-founder
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
@jenny_drezin Last time I was in NYC I walked over 25 miles in 3 days. Walking is 100% the best way to experience a city!
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@robjbye That's awesome. Obviously we agree! NYC is my hometown and definitely the city to walk.
Sivan Shatil Baram@sivan_baram · Founder & CEO radd. Content
Awesome product! Well done sidekix team!
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@sivan_baram Thanks so much! The idea was to provide something with a different kind of value that what you get from normal navigation apps.
Aya Shapir@adividedbys
Happy to see the new Sidekix on PH! As a "walker", I love the concept. Great for independent/self-navigated "walking tours" at your own pace. Can't wait to try out the new version. Good luck Jenny & team! 😃👍👟
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@adividedbys Thanks. Happy for you to check out the new design, as well as new features, including events around you, thematic guides, etc.
Dmitry Dragilev@dragilev · Founder @
Nice little app, just gave it a try and already found out about a music venue I didn't know about here where I live and I haven't even left NYC yet. Will have to bring this with me when I fly to conferences, have a few trips coming up. @jenny_drezin are you guys planning to have planned routes for families vs. couples, etc? Segment it by the type of people traveling in a group?
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@dragilev yes, that's a great idea. We haven't so much focused on families/kids until now (but we get it, since we all have kids!). We recently added a guides tab as another way to explore, and started adding places for the "young and young at heart" in some cities (playgrounds, cool spaces for kids to climb on etc.) and we could definitely expand that.
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair
BRILLIANT LOGO. that is all
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@pixelmelter Thanks, I'll pass the complement onto our awesome designer
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@pixelmelter Also, would appreciate if you could--ahem--do the next best thing to leaving a comment, thanks!
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair
@jenny_drezin you mean upvote? :D Just did.
Jenny DrezinMaker@jenny_drezin · Co-Founder, Sidekix
@pixelmelter yep, thanks!