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Its seems (to me) that 'talking walks' has become 'in-fashion' recently. I like just walking around a city and figuring it out myself but its inevitable I have to check google maps a handful of times. This app looks pretty neat that it can take you past places you want to go and other little useful bits of information for your walks. Looks good for getting to know a city really well.
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@bentossell Thanks, Ben. We also work with local bloggers to include locally curated content in the app to help you find urban gems you might not know about. And we take those into account in our routing.
I've been using this app for a while now, and really love it. I like walking wherever I go and often want to know what's cool and hipster. I drink good coffee and so want to see if I can explore. I think they also add new cities every week.
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@stefamini Yep, we are now live in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, and San Fran, with others coming soon
Hi there, I'm Jenny, one of the co-founders of Sidekix. We built the app in order to enhance the experience of walking in a city. Most navigation is fully utilitarian--its gets you there the shortest or fastest way. The idea behind Sidekix is that there are many ways to get to the same point, and often going a different route or a bit out of your way can give you a completely different experience. We have pioneered a concept of "interest based routing": You tell us your interests, and we can give you a route accordingly--with more shopping, or food, or nightlife, assuming its not too far away. We can also route you according to specific kinds you want to see or do along the way. Happy to be featured here and to answer any questions.
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I'm using Sidekix in London for two weeks now. love it. I found cool places around me that I wouldn't had found without it. I'm a fan.
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@steve_66 Exactly. One of our value props is to help you find those "urban gems" you might not otherwise know about
This app saved me once in a new area at London. We were at an airbnb and wanted to walk to get some breakfast stuff. It actually worked it was nice fast and somehow better than Google maps. I liked it and it was useful.
@ishenfeld Glad to hear it helped you out. It really helps with discovering things spontaneously.