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Skip recruiters - get hired by engineers at top tech cos

Sidedoor helps you skip the recruiters and get hired at top tech companies like Stripe, Flexport, and Airtable. Get matched with engineers who work there based on shared background and interests, and if you hit it off, get referred! Why take the front door?
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Roger Dickey
Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
Hi All 👋 We’re a group of engineers that have worked in the tech industry for the last 10 years. Over that time, we realized that the best engineering teams that we’ve worked on have been close, tight knit groups that had a lot in common. Every company that we’ve worked for has had an employee referral program, but most engineers don't use it beyond referring in one or two friends. Recruiters ended up making a ton of money, taking large finders fees for screening candidates that could have come in through employees with common background & interests. Our goal at Sidedoor is to turn employees at every level of the company into the most effective recruiters. If you’re looking for your next job, want to work for a great tech company, and don't want to come in through a recruiter, sign up for Sidedoor today.
Nice idea. Try to add SSL so thay we can trust the site as well 😅