Shrink Me is a compresion tool for your JPG & PNG images, in order to make your site smaller and faster for your users. If your ever needed to compress an image in a simple and intuitive way, Shrink Me is the the tool for you!

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Great tool and I love that it works offline as well. Just a little tip: The example images imply that you also change the width and height of the image.
@stefan_kracht Thanks for the tip! You are totally right. I'll add it to my todo list.
Nice tool, I’ve needed something like this. One feature request: support shrinking of animated gifs by converting to webP
@trevin Glad you liked it! Sounds like a great idea. I will take it into consideration ;)
Any plans to give Guetzli option? I always run my images through ImageOptim that uses JPEGOptim, Jpegtran, and Guetzli.
@johnbhiggins Thanks for testing Shrink Me! Currently I do not plan to support Guetzli, but I will take it into consideration and add it to my list. Maybe I'll support it in the long run ;)

It's helpful when you need to post/send smth but the image is to big. You simply need to drag and drop the picture to get resized one. So there's no need to use PS or any other complex editor.


Clean interface, easy to use



I'm glad you liked Shrink Me! Thank you :)
This looks promising. Tried it for a few of our photos which we would traditionally use on sites like AirBnB and it reduces file size by half which will help us to speed up listing new properties.