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Aside from being the easiest way to manage a crypto portfolio, Shrimpy has two killer features:

1) Automatic Rebalancing: This is a strategy that can greatly outperform simply buying and holding crypto.

2) Social Investing: You can now follow other people’s crypto portfolios and copy their portfolio allocations. This pays to be a leader.

  • Baris Parlan
    Baris ParlanCritical Autodidact

    It is logical and already proven with pros over hodl. Calculations and math is on shrimpy side.


    Needs to clearify transaction costs amount in each rebalance period for sake of known unkonwns.

    I've been using shrimpy and checking it on my delta app. In another account I keep no-shrimpy versions numbers. They are head to head now, but it is understandable due to bearish market of last months. Will keep checking and eventually report from medium with numbers.

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  • Pros: 

    Easiest way I've found to manage a crypto portfolio



    I absolutely love this service! With automatic portfolio rebalancing, I can't think of an easier way to passively increase a crypto portfolio over time.

    While other portfolio services hold the crypto for you, I prefer that Shrimpy just accesses the crypto from my exchange accounts. Hopefully they will allow trading from wallets in the future.

    If you're hodling or have been lazy to diversify, then it's time to take a serious look at Shrimpy.

    Disclosure: I was so impressed with Shimpy that I invested in the company that makes it, Benthos Labs, Inc.

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