Secure, permanent deletion of files and folders for your Mac



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Sergii IamkovyiMaker@mymixapps · Sergii Iamkovyi
Shredo allows users to securely and permanently delete files, folders and external volumes' contents to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve. Depending on security level and speed, it gets the job done with 3 different data erase algorithms: 1-pass, 7-pass and 35-pass
Gilad Ronat@giladronat · iOS Developer, Intuit
The reason this was removed from macOS is that it is infeasible to do in flash storage (SSD) based on the way the hardware works. How does Shredo solve this problem?
Kyle Davidson@kylewdavidson · Vlogger & CEO
@giladronat There was a good study done on this here: [PDF WARNING] They concluded: "For sanitizing entire disks, built-in sanitize commands are effective when implemented correctly, and software techniques work most, but not all, of the time. We found that none of the available software techniques for sanitizing individual files were effective." TL;DR: Using a Disk Sanitization software that wipes the entire drive works most of the time (if used with multiple wipes). HOWEVER, and this is a big caveat, individual file wiping was NOT effective. Basically a tool like this would not be effective, at least according to this study, on an SSD. Remember all SSD's are different.
Gilad Ronat@giladronat · iOS Developer, Intuit
@kylewdavidson That's what I thought, thank you so much. Given the fact that almost all modern Macs run SSDs, I don't think this software will be too handy.
Look beautiful
Sergii IamkovyiMaker@mymixapps · Sergii Iamkovyi
@hmurchison Thank you ;)
Cesare D. Forelli@cdf1982 · Indie developer
This is very interesting. Is the deletion process accomplished via the built in srm command?
Chris Short@chrisshort · DevOps, Sarcasm as a Service™
By the way, Mac OS X comes with the command line tool srm which accomplishes this for free.
Sergii IamkovyiMaker@mymixapps · Sergii Iamkovyi
@chrisshort you are right. But it's not that easy to use for non-programmers in Terminal and srm is no longer available in macOS Sierra.
Cesare D. Forelli@cdf1982 · Indie developer
@mymixapps Thanks for pointing this out. I wonder why Apple is removing that...