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Thanks for hunting us Eric! We're excited to finally be on Android. Showgo is the most fun way to watch TV. While you watch your show, you'll see comments stream in from a community of fans. Even if you're not watching live. That's because each comment is timed to the show, so you don't spoil anyone (and nobody spoils you). Showgo makes you FEEL like everyone's watching at the same time you are.... even if you're 3 episodes behind :) It keeps you in sync with your show seamlessly just by listening to it! With the help of some cool audio fingerprinting tech. We have 55 shows now and we're growing steadily. Let us know which shows you want next and maybe we'll add it!
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Entertainment Weekly featured this app on their Must List last year, calling it "genius," and now it's finally on Android! Showgo lets you chat about the show you're watching. But the comments are timed to the episode, so you don't spoil anyone and nobody spoils you. So you can watch the show with a community of fans, even if you're not watching live on the East Coast. And it keeps you in sync with your show just by listening
@erictwillis How come nobody thought of this idea before? This is just amazing. It would be the cake on ice if they also introduce some features which restrict user to comment spoilers who has already read the books. (Of course, this concern is valid for a novel-based series)
This is amazing for us who are extremely late to watching a show and can't talk about exactly where we are with friends who've already binge watched everything. Oftentimes I just have to trash all my thoughts about an episode instead of having a place to discuss. This is perfect for addressing that. Way to go, guys
Great app, we are on our phone all the time, even when watching tv shows. Commenting something when you live it is great. But an even greater addition would be to add info, like Cast and other info. "Who's this actor? Where did I already see him/her in? etc". Great app :) !
Love the design. Thoughtful and useful, based on how people watch today.