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Hey all, I think you'll get a kick out of Showgo while watching the House of Cards Season 4 premiere this Friday. Showgo lets you read and post comments at your exact moment in Netflix & Hulu shows. Tap to sync and the app immediately identifies the exact point in the timeline of the episode you're watching. From there you can see how other fans are reacting and engage with your friends during moments in the show. So no matter when you watch, you feel like you're watching with everyone. They have 5 shows right now (Making a Murderer, Arrested Development, Love, 11.22.63, and House of Cards), and they're adding new ones consistently. The app is free, so try watching one of those shows with Showgo and seeing how you like the experience. I'm excited to watch House of Cards with all of you this Friday!
Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to announce the launch of our app on here. Showgo is free and live on the app store now, so try it out and send us your feedback! Happy binging! :)
This is dope. It's like Soundcloud for Netflix basically, right? Just in time for House of Cards on Friday!
@randomasiandood You got it! We wanted to create a way for us to feel like we were all watching together in a similar manner that Soundcloud did that for music. Excited for you to try it out
This is actually pretty cool. I like the fact that I can watch GOT when I have a spare hour, and still feel like I'm watching it with my family at the same time, because we all get to talk about what's happening as if we are together. It's like a time machine for words.
Looks cool and a nice UI. Is there a dark mode (lots of blinding white)? I'm not a big TV watcher but I am interested in how you made this. Are the comments on Twitter or do you store them in your own DB? What are the red 'up' arrows used for?
@fbara not yet but a dark mode is a great idea. The comments are our own database because the tweets about Netflix shows are not tied to a time in the ep like a show with a live airing might be. The red upvote button lets you reward good comments and weed out bad ones from showing up 🙂