Philosophical thoughts with every new tab! 🚿

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this surprisingly made my life a whole lot more enjoyable. each time I open a new tab it feels like it's christmas and I'm opening a new present.
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@spenciefy ok buddy, I thought it was like Easter level coolness, but Christmas may be pushing it a bit ;)
Great plugin, so funny at times, and very clean and minimalist. Been using it for around 2 months now and just realized it's never been Product Hunted!
every time I open a new tab I get a bit more existential
Awesome, my favourite /r/ too :P
I'd love to see this integrate with Slack! Asking for a co-worker.
@photosantir how? every day a quote? every hour? every minute? :p
@ieatsalot @photosantir a quote afrer every new message 😁
@ieatsalot top shower thought of the day.