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Warning: #ShotsComedyApp may cause uncontrollable laughter.

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I've been beta testing the new shots app for a few weeks now, really enjoying it. By far my favorite thing is actually quite simple: when you include a link in the caption all the viewer has to do is tap the caption and it takes you to the link. It's really intuitive... and that simple thing is why I post from the @ProductHunt shots account several times a day (specifically, over Instagram, where you can't link). I also really how it prompts you to share your clipboard link (if you have one) when opening the app (as shown below). In general, sharing any type of content feels really good on Shots (i.e. makes yo want to share more). And of course... I love the filters! Really cool to use the Camcorder App through shots (you should try it). My favorite moment so far @rrhoover branding an unannounced hackathon project as kitty ("we'll brand it, kitty.) last weekend, which was captured on Shots. Congrats to @John, @Sammy and the @Shots team on the launch!
@John is on Product Hunt LIVE Answering questions now! :) Here's one on how the new @Shots Logo came about:
Super new update! 🍻 I've been following @shots for a bit now. I'm a big fan of @john's anti-bullying push. Social media seems to be more and more dominated by trolls lately, so it feels good to....feel good. And laugh πŸ˜ΉπŸ€“πŸ€—. Camcorder feature is brilliant. Call me sentimental, but our future kids will have at least 50% of their lives saved with that. New shares and emojis are very cool. Would be awesome to see a mustache added to the app icon. And maybe a "Daily Diego" update from @awkwardpuppets. That dude is funny. Good to have the Biebs on your side too. He's a good man. So many @MakeAWish dreams come true. Keep on truckin'!
Love the update. The emoji reactions are πŸ’―