ShotBox lets you easily markup screenshots as you take them!

ShotBox is a fantastic little utility that pops up when you take a screenshot, allowing you to quickly preview your screenshot, mark it up, and then drag it into other apps!

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone, I'm the maker of ShotBox – if you have any questions, feature requests of bug reports please feel free to post them here! ☺️
@joshparnham I love it! Ever single Apple created "Markup" I've hoped someone would build an app that allowed simple markup of screenshots.
@ryan_roberts1 Thanks mate! I completely agree – when I saw the iOS 11 beta I thought it just made perfect sense to integrate with ☺️
@joshparnham Loving it so far! Very handy tool. Got two questions: would it be possible to autosave a screenshot when no edit is needed (much like the iOS 11 behaviour) and can you add a function to markup a screenshot by dragging it on top of the Manu bar icon?
@joshparnham any chance of making it into an IPhone app too?
@t55 Would you be able to clarify what you mean by "autosave"? The screenshots are currently saved to the desktop and you can close ShotBox and select "Save" to keep them. I'm also working on some features now so that you can close the window quicker and have it automatically save the screenshot without needing to press "Save" ☺️ I'll also look into whether I could support screenshots being dragged onto the menu bar icon – great suggestion!
At least "+1" for being native!
@inlinecoder Native Mac apps for the win ✊
Didn’t realise how much I needed this until I found it - nice work! 🙏
Great stuff ! Make this available for windows 10 !! It's is a promising app
@ayush_chandra Any Windows developers please feel free to reach out to help me! 🙌
@joshparnham could you send me your mail Id so that I can get you a windows developer , I have in talks with some developer company.
Nice app! Would kill for a Windows 10 release :)
@mellamoosiris Unfortunately I'm not a Windows developer, but do need to use it at work so hopefully will be available one day!