Salesforce for your freelancer/vendor workforce

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Hey guys, I'm the CEO/co-founder at Shortlist and I'm really excited to tell you about our product :) Shortlist is a lightweight vendor and freelancer management platform, designed to simplify all your interactions with your external workforce. If your team works a lot of freelancers and contractors you may be experiencing the pains of not having a centeralized way to deal with this. Shortlist is your private, centralized talent network within your organization. Some cool things you could do: * list and categorize your contractors by skills, locations etc. * maintain private and public talent pools * contractors maintain their own accounts within your ecosystem - no more data administration. they can update any info you need like tax info, sign your nda, upload invoices, documents etc. * send projects and assignments, run RFPs if are dealing with vendors * run centralized discussions around projects and proposals * post private reviews and ratings * collect invoices and process payments (coming in june) * easily onboard new contractors, use various workflows * and if you are looking for a new talent, we can also help Anyway, please check out our website ( & sign up for a free trial access, would love to hear your feedback!
@martinkonrad Hey Martin, signed up and was wondering when I can get a hold of my account? thanks
@arturkiulian thanks for signing up! - got your request - we ll set you up shortly
@arturkiulian @martinkonrad In your mail box Artur! Reach out with any questions or feedback!
Shortlist is next level! Literally everything you need for external workforce management.
@iamjbsc Thanks for the feedback Brandon!
Comprehensive, beyond anything i've seen elsewhere.