Create local, easy to remember short links


Mike Shi
@mikeshi42 · Product Tinkerer
Hi ProductHunt! I'm excited to be back with another productivity extension! This one is a big daily driver for me and really cuts down on having to remember/type long links. This one was inspired by my overflowing bookmark bar and hesitation to reach for my mouse. If you're a software person, this is like bash aliases for your URL bar. My workflow for ope… See more
Charles Magnuson
@magnuson · Unemployed
This extension is absolutely wonderful! Ever since using a similar system while working at Twitter I've wanted to gain the same ability for personal use at home. Finally, I am now able to use short links on my home network!!! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful tool.
Emmanuel Lemor
@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
Hi Mike, Sounds great and super useful potentially... but any plans to take this beyond Google Chrome which is a browser that is getting worse not better?
Bartek Hejnowicz
@bartekhejnowicz · Awwwsome
What a clever idea! I can see how it's useful for local development environment :)