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Hi ProductHunt! I'm excited to be back with another productivity extension! This one is a big daily driver for me and really cuts down on having to remember/type long links. This one was inspired by my overflowing bookmark bar and hesitation to reach for my mouse. If you're a software person, this is like bash aliases for your URL bar. My workflow for opening new sites now is Cmd+L (focus URL bar), m/[shortlink], enter. (Look ma! No mouse!) These shortlinks only exist on your local instance of Chrome (and is sync'd with your Google account), so this isn't like where you can share these links with everyone. *BUT* that means you have a namespace all for yourself! For me, I personally shortlink reference pages, dashboards (m/dash => Google Analytics Dashboard), facebook groups I manage, gdrive folders (m/projects => gdrive projects folder), and memes (m/thisisfine => thisisfine.jpg, it's perfect!). Adding shortlinks is as easy as hitting Alt+D (on Mac/Linux) or Ctrl + Shift + S (on Win). If you need any help or a tutorial, you can always count on m/help. Any lingering questions? Feel free to ask away! I hope you find this as useful as I do! πŸ’™
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@mikeshi42 Can you please add autofocus for shortlink input in popup?
@idered Odd, it should be autofocused in the popup. You're referring to the input box where you can type the shortlink name you want to add correct? I'm not sure what would be preventing it from happening... are you a windows or linux user by any chance? Also have you tried checking it out on another tab? Worst case could restart Chrome but I'm not sure if that would help :(
@mikeshi42 This input Maybe you should add autofocus attribute. Yes I'm windows 10 user
@idered Thanks for letting me know! Will hopefully have a fix out for this tomorrow!
@idered Updated just pushed out! Should be rolling out in a couple hours. Let me know if you still have trouble :D Thanks again for the bug report! (Also free limit was bumped up to 30 shortlinks πŸ˜‹ )
@douglasevaristo That's my emotional state right now too πŸ˜‹
This extension is absolutely wonderful! Ever since using a similar system while working at Twitter I've wanted to gain the same ability for personal use at home. Finally, I am now able to use short links on my home network!!! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful tool.
@magnuson That's awesome! I'm glad you've find the cure to your pain :D Let me know if you have any cool use cases or feature suggestions that you think would be great! (Or any pain points you experienced with other alternatives c: )
Hi Mike, Sounds great and super useful potentially... but any plans to take this beyond Google Chrome which is a browser that is getting worse not better?
@exlemor Yes! I wanted to make sure there's enough traction, but there are definitely plans to move this onto other browsers as well (xplatform support is definitely a must!). Out of curiosity, where would you like to see Shortlink be next?
@mikeshi42 Firefox please! What a great system. I use SlickRun to accomplish this on my desktop but having an extension to simplify my bookmarks is genius!
@mikeshi42 I was going to say Firefox... I was truly hoping that it would be Browser independent and more a Mac/Windows App to be honest... then no separate browser support or needing to update every 5 minutes when browsers update/block you somehow.. [but I know that's asking a lot]... Also synching with Google is nice but I use Google as little as possible and use more standard cloud backup/tools so the ability to have this 'data' stored in a .json or .xml or whatever format makes you happy ;) that we could place in a pCloud, Dropbox, iCloud, Box folder and then it would automatically make it across to wherever... I realize this might be a separate/different product, but you DID ask ? ;) lol
@exlemor @tsudo Yup firefox is a popular request, will def be prioritized. As for general mac/windows app. I definitely thought a lot about it before going down the Chrome path. That's ideal in the future, but as of right now, browser extensions have lower barrier to entry for users but I do hope to have a more "universal" solution in the future. As for cloud sync, I indeed want to move off of Google's as well (they delete the sync'd data if you delete the extension which is _super_ annoying) most likely will be rolling my own. I can imagine exporting them to some type of format for local backups could be an option too further down the line (not sure the popularity of such a request πŸ˜›) Using sync from another cloud provider would be a more difficult problem (I'm a stranger to these cloud storage APIs and I can imagine integration could be a pain).
@mikeshi42 - "Using sync from another cloud provider would be a more difficult problem (I'm a stranger to these cloud storage APIs and I can imagine integration could be a pain" which is why I said, export to .json/.xml/.etc and let us pick where we can place said file.. that way, any of the cloud solutions work out of the box: pCloud, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, Mega, Mozy, Yandex, iDriveSync etc... that means no dealing with .APIs and that should be a nice feeling ;)
What a clever idea! I can see how it's useful for local development environment :)
@bartekhejnowicz Thank you! If you have any cool use cases, I'm all ears for what you can see yourself using this for :) (Or if you have any feature requests as well!)