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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2015

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Something that hasn't been mentioned yet: Short seems perfect with those who have ADHD or have learning disabilities that impact their ability to read for longer periods of time. I struggle with reading longform pieces (which sucks, because I love reading, but I lose focus often) but an app like Short would definitely encourage me to work through my Pocket stash. Downloaded! :)
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@stttories This is a great point, Tori! I struggle with the same.
Short is a reading app that filters only Short articles for you. So when you have time, don't waste it and read on Short to keep up with your ever growing reading list. Short imports articles from Read-It-Later Apps like Pocket, Instapaper and more, you can choose articles filtered by minutes to match the time you want to spend reading. This app is so well designed, and great for reading. Have been trying the Beta for some time now and I can say it definitely helps me to read better dan more! Read more about the introduction of Short right here. Great app by @alexmuench and @enricenrich
Another fan of Short here. Had a chance to beta test the app and it's definitely made it easier to go through the backlog of articles I have on Pocket. Congrats @alexmuench and @enricenrich on the great launch!
@enricenrich @robjama Thanks, Robleh! :) Glad you like it and thanks for beta testing!
Little easter egg: The Safari Share Extension is also already built in which enables you to save any article you find online to any channel you have connected:
Great reading app. Well done!
@yuvals Thanks Yuval! :) And thanks for all the help on the integration with ReadingPack! :)
Thanks for sharing Bram! I'm Enric, one of the two guys behind Short! :) If you have any question don't hesitate to leave a comment, and Alex and me will reply as soon as possible! :)