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This competes head on with Pinterest's investments in buyable pins. Instagram is already driving tremendous ecommerce value but the user experience is awful and none of that $$$ is collected from Instagram directly. Huge opportunity in reducing the friction from discovery to purchase. Nice move.
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@rrhoover I agree with you Ryan, and it will opens a great opportunity to turn facebook ads on a more powerful tool to drive sales on e-commerce field.
@rrhoover This is a MAJOR move if Instagram considers building this tool for influencers and bloggers. Big game changer in the fashion tech space which is heavily run by Like to Know It.
@rrhoover Also interested in the overall shopping experience for customers through IG. We've been pinging IG over the past few weeks on whether or not they'll be introducing new API endpoints for us to tap into. Agreed... this can drive tremendous ecommerce value even for smaller players with robust IG audience.
@ivarsmas oh yes, that's gonna be great. The precise audience targeting combined with the immediate, trackable, in-app actions are a great win-win-win. Will also greatly increase the performance tracking of influencer marketing efforts, at least on IG.
@rrhoover My understanding is that Instagram resisted direct links because it believed it would reduce the quality of the content created and shared. Will be interesting to see if the content changes....
Expected the shopping experience to be taken care of from Instagram This is what they've come up with 🙌
There was coverage on Recode This is rolling out to a handful of US users first...
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I think this is such a dumb move. This completely changes IG. Its now a shopping app? How annoying. Not to mention this is only for brands and retailers with a lot of $. They wont allow everyone to be tagging and selling on the platform I can guarantee that. Dumb
@afashionnerd I disagree. Since these things do exist, they now will in a way better way for both parties. And as for only letting big brands in, just like ads, they ended letting all business accounts join.
@afashionnerd It's the segregation of the usage of Instagram. They're trying to bring so much use cases for the app that in the end they'll miss the point.
@afashionnerd I feel like your opinion may be motivated by the fact that this move basically competes directly with your app 'Fashion Tap'? You must have thought it was a great idea if you made it right?
@afashionnerd Looks like you need to switch to Business Profile to be able to use this functionality.
@afashionnerd I think IG basically agreed with you, since this really never got off the ground. Take a look at what we launched this past week with SiBi (See It Buy It) and our new Shop Instagram feature. We're an AI-based fashion marketplace that helps people find matches to top trending posts using computer vision tech.
Wow, i guess goodbye to all 3rd party shoppable Instagram tools...
@ariaitch I feel like IG is about to delete link in bio so those 3rd party shoppable tools go bye-bye. They aren't making $$ off of it so it's in their best interest to ban those companies. IG is so big now they just want the $$
@afashionnerd @ariaitch They definitely want the money but it's a much better user experience. Going to a 3rd party shoppable feed just adds another clunky step
Does this mean I can tag products in my Instagram photos.... And make a commission if my friends buy through my post? :)
@peter_wallace they will never ever add that. Why would they share the commissions? They don't have to
@peter_wallace Trendly is the app you are thinking of! It does exactly what you are describing
@afashionnerd @peter_wallace They probably would build the tool for influencers and have commissions lower than normal but play it via volume plays
@peter_wallace I was also wondering if they'll open this up to affiliate linking. Bloggers would be all over that.
@peter_wallace Obviously this effort was shelved by Instagram. We just launched V2 of SiBi (See It Buy It) with Shop Instagram functionality built in (also on PH as of yesterday - posts/sibi). We bring influencers and their top trending fashion posts into the app and then use AI to find matching similar items. We have a partnership with Shopify and their 400k merchants, checkout is in the app. iOS and Android.