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I think this is really interesting and well executed. Although there are a few platforms that allow you to hire a developer in 5 min they tend to be very broad: you can go from getting help to code some program in C++ to fixing some CSS issues on a static page all in the same platform. Since the spectrum of tasks is so wide it is almost impossible to provide a great experience for everyone. ShopifyNerd chose to focus on a single vertical (online stores using shopify) and leverage the quality of the Shopify platform to deliver a great experience ( Shopify allows you to add a collaborator to your store that can quickly start fixing issues in a matter of minutes). At the same time a lot of merchants on Shopify are not very tech savvy and really feel the pain when something is broken so they want to have it fixed asap. I'm interested to see the same approach spread out to other verticals.
@johnaveri Thanks! We are totally focused on helping out Shopify users at the moment. It's a niche, but we believe there is a definite need for the help we are providing. We do have visions to expand this to other verticals.
how do people know the credibility of the helpers? Are their going to be review/ratings?
@bentossell Great question! Our goal is not to create a marketplace where we pair you up with experts. You will be buying a service from Shopify Nerd and not an expert you found on Shopify Nerd. We do ask people to rate their experience. We are responsible for making sure that the quality of our experts is up to snuff. If you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. All our experts are full-time employees and work from our office in San Francisco.
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@peterglovis if someone comes to your team with questions about how Shopify integrates with our payment gateway, we're always keen to help.
Very cool. What is pricing based off of?
@joshdance The pricing is per job. Usually people tell us what they need to have done and we can give them a quota within a few minutes. We don't have a minimum.