Shopify Starter Pack

Useful resources to start an e-commerce business

The pack includes:

1. Star Theme for Shopify

2. Social Media Kit

3. Branding Kit

4. Store Launch Checklist

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Sweet! Do you provide your users with legal staff? Could be contacted on that thing.
@nick_stask Thanks Nick! What do you mean by ‘legal staff’?
@outlaneco I mean some sort of readily available legal documents in a pack
@nick_stask yes, we have a license file inside the pack
Thanks for sharing, looks incredibly valuable! Just about to launch my first Shopify store 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Good luck with your business 🚀
Hi ProductHunt! This is our latest product to help new Shopify merchants launch their online stores faster and easier. The pack covers main design needs that each person has when starting an e-commerce business: Star Shopify theme, social media templates, brandbook template and a store launch checklist. Would love to hear any feedback, thanks!
Hey guys, Devin Zander here from SMART Apps Congrats on the feature! Been working with these guys for a few years
@zanderseo Hey Devin, thank you! 🙂