Retargeting on autopilot for e-commerce merchants.

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Thanks so much for hunting us @blendahtom! We built Shoelace to help SMBs who don't have the time or resources to setup remarketing campaigns for their eCommerce stores. We discovered the need for this while working on a different idea, but the signals were too strong to ignore. Store owners know how important remarketing is, but most struggle to implement it effectively. We realized that self-serve tools were the bottleneck, so we're building a complete service that manages the entire process from setup to execution, without our customers lifting a finger. We're stoked to be on PH and would love to hear your thoughts and comments around what we're building!
Love the simplicity of this offering by @rezakhadjavi
This is pretty fantastic. A lot of Shopify merchants don't have an experience or the technical skills to build good Facebook ads. Making this simple and automatic is a great idea!
Are you only on shopify or do you plan to expand soon?
@josevieitez, we're just on Shopify for now - but will be expanding to other platforms in the coming months!