Free unlimited smart photo backup

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Love their product! Use it everyday thanks to their "This day in history" email. Plus it doesn't hurt that they allow unlimited photo backup :)
Remember Everpix? Color me skeptic on this one.
@ekurutepe care to elaborate? One company failing certainly doesn't invalidate an entire space. Try the app. It's converted more than a few people over from other photo apps.
@scosman sorry to come across so negative. Of course the failure of one company does not invalidate all similar products. My worry with a free unlimited offering is about the longevity of the service: nobody wants to lose photos of their kids and special memories. Just by looking at the tagline, I had assumed the you were offering free unlimited photo storage only. Now that I've discovered your pricing options, I can see that it could be viable. I wish you guys all the best and will give your apps a try.
The main reason why I deleted Carousel after a week is because it synced all the pictures I didn't want. Now, this app allows me to select the folders I really want to back up. Winner.
@rrhoover @scosman is trying to respond, but can't comment. Halp?
@scosman you're all set :) cc @will_lam