Shoe Swipe

A Tinder-like app to shop for shoes online.

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Yes, how do you differ from Stylect, @jeremycallahan?
Timely. This morning we published a collection of "Tinder for X" products. Although it's becoming a meme, the Tinder-style UX works for so many things. @jeremycallahan are people using this to find shoes to actually purchase or more for entertainment?
@rrhoover A little of both... Users are purchasing through our Zappos and in-App links or our email campaigns. The average user swipes over 246 shoes
@TomasRuta I'm not sure I don't follow them closely. I don't think they have an Android version or male shoe feeds. We are built on HTML5/JS and only require one code base for Android/iOS. It was also built so that you can re-brand it and put in any product feed. We could roll out dog products in less than 30 days for instance. I also think they have raised quite a bit of money. This was built and into market for under 5k. This is only our MVP. We have several features in our next version that no one else is doing right now.