Instagram for sports with amazing video-editing tools



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Dustin Sproat
Dustin SproatMaker@dustin_sproat · Cofounder & CEO, Shnarped
Hi everyone, thanks to @mackflavelle for the Hunt and to everyone else for checking out our new app - we'd really appreciate your feedback! Shnarped is kind of like Instagram for sports, but with great video-editing tools. The concept for the app grew out of a youth-sports charity we founded, where we repeatedly heard young athletes and parents express: 'It's so hard and time consuming to edit videos on my phone!'. About Shnarped: - Quickly create videos with amazing effects (fast/slow motion, add music, a moving spotlight, and many more) - Push your creations directly to Instagram, FB, Twitter, or SMS. - Watch and follow all the best videos from your favorite sports. The best thing about Shnarped? Our very unique UX makes it's super quick and easy to make a fun video and share it with your friends. We've seen the app being used for much more than just sports... and there are many more editing tools beyond those mentioned above. We've been really encouraged by our user growth and engagement since our launch in November - if you'd like to get in touch feel free at Give the app a shot, or suggest it to a young athlete or parent that might appreciate it! Sincerely appreciate your feedback and support!
Alex Chuang
Alex Chuang@alexchuang72 · Managing Director, Launch Academy
Love how focused this app is. There is a ton of really cool content! Any thought ons expanding outside of sports?
Dustin Sproat
Dustin SproatMaker@dustin_sproat · Cofounder & CEO, Shnarped
@alexchuang72 Good question, we get asked that a lot. While most of the content on Shnarped is sports-focused, the app can be used for anything. Users can choose to share their creation to Shnarped or else just keep it privately on their camera roll. It's also great for dance, fitness, funny pet videos, etc etc.
Ramona MacLeod
Ramona MacLeod@ramonamacleod · CEO
Great concept! The video tools make video-editing really simple. I'll be sharing with my son and his karate instructor as the slow=mo will help isolate mistakes made in his technique.
Wo King
Wo King@mywoisme · CEO, Hi9
When are you coming to Android. Looks great.
Dustin Sproat
Dustin SproatMaker@dustin_sproat · Cofounder & CEO, Shnarped
@mywoisme Thanks Wo! The team has been plugging away at Android, though it's probably still a couple months away.
Alex Mason
Alex Mason@jalexmason · Consultant
Awesome app for making quick video edits, plus tons of cool sports videos to watch, great work guys!