Shitty Listings

A list of distressed properties for house flippers.

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Clifford Ribaudo
Clifford Ribaudo@cliffribaudo · AskingPoint Founder & CEO
Cool product, but change the name. The current one will offend people and make it hard for you to get any main stream PR
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@cliffribaudo Agreed. Hate titles with negative connotations.
Judd Schoenholtz
Judd SchoenholtzMakerHiring@jjjjuuuuddddddd · Co-founder & CEO, Open Listings
@cliffribaudo @v4violetta Thanks for the feedback and we apologize if we're offending anyone. We debated this a bunch internally before launch. Problem was that everyone we tested the product with initially loved the name and it proved to be super memorable. This is a side project from Open Listings ( in response to one of our biggest feature requests: find buyers undervalued properties. Hopefully everyone understands that these aren't bad houses, just distressed sales. We've seen some truly amazing listings come through this feed!
Jason Nunnelley
Jason Nunnelley@jnun · jnun
Though the name comments are dead on for PR agencies and traditional press, the name got my attention and social media shares won't care. It depends on your audience and method.
Peter Sugihara
Peter SugiharaMakerHiring@_0_ · Co-founder and CPO at Open Listings
Excited to see this up here! Here's the mansions feed if anyone's interested:
Dave Schools
Dave Schools@daveschools_ · Founder of Entrepreneur's Handbook
The title made me laugh, maybe change to "Shlistings" for short to make it appropriate
Eric Glyman
Eric GlymanHiring@eglyman · Founder, Paribus (YC S15)
In my old job, I used to work with a number of hedge funds who focused on distressed investments (it was one of the biggest distressed 'strategies' from 2011-2014 -- I'm sure you're already talking with these funds -- if not, you should :p