Ship Your Enemies GDPR

Send your enemies a GDPR request

#3 Product of the DayMay 28, 2019
This tool will help you send them a GDPR Data Access Request designed to waste as much of their time as possible.
They are legally required to respond to your request within 30 days
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Incredibly unethical
@gregjwww makes a good point though.

The GDPR handles this case by allowing companies to ask for a “reasonable fee” to process requests. Make sure you do, or update your terms if you notice an abnormal requests rate.


I do not see the point to make such unethical spam requests.


This is spam and on the edge legally.

Just goes to show the quality of products is getting shittier by the day on PH. FFS this is the top product of the day.
@shoaibalich or it shows that people like it and agree with the cause that it is highlighting.
@shoaibalich @_jacksmith I guess I'm missing the cause it's highlighting here then? The GDPR gives data subjects rights that they should have in regards to their data. This is malicious usage of the rights granted to waste company time to 'comply'. A law can't really address for all forms of abuse without adding limitations to rights, and these limitations will ultimately be exploited by companies in bad faith. What do you propose the GDPR do to ensure data subjects have these same rights, and yet prevent against these kinds of frivolous requests? If a company just didn't respond to such a request, or replied with a lousy response, the user would have to complain to the DPAs if they wished to pursue it further. And I imagine the DPAs wouldn't look upon this favourably. I highly doubt any (especially small) company served with this nonsense would experience repercussions for failing to respond 'in full detail'.
Time for a downvote button in Product Hunt

Attempts to misuse regulation that protects individuals. Should be removed from Product Hunt.


Literally nothing



"Should be removed from Product Hunt" lol, why? this is the internet, did you hear of free speech before? what if I want to be able to submit a gdpr request