The hook (your friends) up app

The first dating app that allows you to swipe for your friends. With Ship, friends can set each other (or themselves) up — because who knows you better than your friends. Even if you are already in a relationship, you can find your friends matches and give guidance in the crew group chat.

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Hey Everyone, We are super excited to introduce our new dating app, Ship, to Product Hunt. Over the past few months our team has been working hard to bring your friends back into your dating life! We lean on our friends for everything, including dating, but no dating app mimics that behavior. By making your friends central to the experience, we think Ship makes dating more fun and rewarding. The best part about Ship is that whether you're single, in a relationship, or It's complicated, everyone can join and bring social connection back to dating. Please let us know what you think!
I will prefer an offline date over an app unless i'm a celebrity; @johnnymitche11
While the idea seems alright in theory, it feels clunky in practice from the male perspective. But maybe it's more targeted towards females? Seems hard enough to find someone just solo, seems like its 10x harder with input from friends. Not to mention why would my friends want to swipe for me if I'm too lazy to swipe myself?
I think this is an intriguing idea, I remember a little while back when Hinge launched a similar matchmaking feature but since it was an opt-out not an opt-in feature for existing ended up being a precarious privacy concern. ie You could see that an old contact was using the app, and perhaps learn of someone's sexual orientation who wasn't otherwise out. So I like that you've avoided that pitfall by, well, ship-ping with consent as a core value prop from the outset. I'm excited to see how it plays out as your user numbers grow, I'm a habitual matchmaker irl, so I'm curious to see if it works! My only bit of substantive early feedback: in the interest of building inclusive products, your current onboarding flow only offers 2 options for gender, this isn't sufficient to capture all people. Even if someone does identify on the gender binary, the signal they get from seeing only a very stark binary choice is not one of openness or inclusion. If you find that adding additional options becomes a product challenge, or you're not familiar with what they could be, I'd be more than happy to chat and offer some best practices!
As a professional matchmaker, I absolutely love the concept of this. I’ve been following Betches for a while and it’s such a bold move for their audience. Can’t wait to hear more feedback from singles that use it.
I used to use dating apps but uninstalled once I was taken years ago. The idea to reengage those non-single people is compelling from a business POV but I wonder how many people will be comfortable with their partner swiping through dating profiles. Curious what feedback you've had so far, @johnnymitche11.
@rrhoover The feedback has been mostly positive. @rahim_makani and @justinbonnet have crafted an on-boarding and core experience that limit the feature set for users within a relationship. The first question we ask in on-boarding determines whether you are single or taken and we craft the entire app experience based on this fact. We are so excited to see how our users in a relationship are able to positively affect their single friends' dating lives.