Ship 2.0

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Ship 2.0 is a toolkit to help makers ship awesome products. Use it to create a beautiful landing page in 60 seconds, build an email list for your upcoming launches, communicate with your beta users, survey your community, and more.

Signup for one of our Pro plans and get up to $7,500 in free AWS credits and instant access to Stripe Atlas.

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1. 7 day free trail deducted money instantly and now on changing the plan results in processing fee overhead. I lost some money due to this for Credit card processing.

2. Stripe Atlas and Stripe Processing Credit seems more like click bait. $500 for Stripe Atlas and limit for each type of subscription should be clearly mentioned in Product Hunt website.

3. AWS credit being conditional should be clearly mentioned in Product Hunt website.


Monthly subscriptions are better for products needing short term ship features.


Annual subscription does not include the exclusions clearly.

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What are the aws credit conditions?
Thanks for the feedback, Shreyas! I wanted to take some time to respond to your input: 1. Sorry to hear this! You shouldn't have been charged during the 7 day free trial. I'll check with the team to make sure we're not missing a bug or edge case. 2. Ship doesn't advertise free Atlas access but perhaps we should make it even more clear. I wish we could convince Stripe to offer it for free but every new customer costs them money so that might be a stretch. 😃 3. AWS has some criteria (outside of our control) which we include in your dashboard, but please let us know if it's missing something. Of course if you signup for an annual plan and end up not being eligible for credits and want a refund, we're happy to do so. Bummed we completely failed you on this one. If we can help with anything, shoot us a note at or hit the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page.