Shine Wallet

Web based, non-custodial Bitcoin/Lighting wallet

Shine is a web-based bitcoin/lightning wallet that lets you connect to your own Lightning node.
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Hello all, maker here! I built Shine for the Bitcoin2019 hackathon last month. I wanted to create a web-based lightning wallet that supports multiple implementations of Lightning nodes. Right now, lightning wallets either work for a single type of node (currently there's LND, C-Lightning, Eclair, and Ptarmigan). This leads to a segregation in lightning users and drastically different UX depending on which node a user set up with. I set out to remove that concern and allow multiple wallets in a single view. Shine currently works for both LND & C-Lightning, the two most popular nodes, but will be expanding to others. Besides that, I wanted to give users the ability to buy a preconfigured and ready to go node with bitcoin. This shall greatly reduce the onboarding experience and allow users to get started instantly. All config information is saved encrypted with the user's Blockstack account, and saved in the user's Gaia storage hubs. This is an alpha release, there's a couple supporting features that are needed both in Shine and in LND/C-Lightning. Suggestion right now is to use testnet nodes. If there are any suggestions or questions, would love to hear them!
This is really exciting! I can't wait to subscribe for a lightning node once they're ready. I've wasted so many hours setting up my own.
Congratulations on the alpha release! I recently successfully lobbied the Lightning Charge project to enable CORS, which should make it easier for people to set up a lightning node locally for use with your wallet: PS: We added experimental support for lightning in our Person8 app for Blockstack so perhaps we can find a way to integrate with your wallet:
@terje Haha nice! Yeah I have been going through some projects adding CORS. Started on it with this PR and another for Spark ( and then got one for LND too ( For integration, it might be a bit tough unless I was able to make a browser plugin that hooks into your ShineWallet configurations/settings, then as an app dev you'd just call WebLN standards which should open whatever plugin is registered to accept them (like Joule, KWH, etc.). I'm open to other integration ideas if you have them though. Main move is to streamline the onboarding experience and to offer nodes for purchase. Congrats on your release too!