Lifeline for Digital Nomads and others risking Identity Loss

Don’t lose your identity, back it up so it can be recovered. Person8 is a decentralized toolkit to restore your identity, keeping it securely stored online through Blockstack. Easily and safely upload and share your passport and other essential documents.
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Always nice to see a promising product that combines actual business with charity.
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@topdawgcausting Thanks so much! Loss of identity documents among the homeless happens every day right here in SF. But we realized that it also affects many different populations.
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Hey Product Hunt, Person8 is a toolkit to restore your identity. We created a decentralized app for digital nomads to enjoy their life without the worry of identity loss. You can easily drop, paste and upload your essential documents. Identification Documents are encrypted. Use Person8, support homeless youth. Person8 was created to solve a significant problem experienced by homeless youth, loss of identity documents. For anyone without a stable homebase, the anxiety of potential loss of essential documents combined with the struggle of finding food, shelter or work can be overwhelming. We realized that there are a number of communities that would benefit from a better option for maintaining essential documents. We plan to provide a premium product for digital nomads and give a free version to homeless individuals and refugees. We released this in beta and are interested in feedback from the community in preparation for our next version.
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This looks very useful! You might want to consider posting as well :) P.S: I am assuming you will have a better UI in future versions.
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@hrishikesh1990 Thanks! Yes, this is our beta launch. Lot's of work to do. Will check out - great tip.
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Products like this makes me feel like we're a bit closer to that tech-based utopian society we read in books and see in movies. ❤
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