Learn how to drive a stick shift from stick drivers near you

Learning how to drive a stick is very easy. Finding a stick vehicle to practice with is often very difficult. Most driving schools do not teach how to drive a stick shift. You're likely to learn how to drive a stick if a family member or friend owns one. With ShIFTdaddy, you can connect with stick owners nearby to train you safely in a few hours.

interesting concept but...the website is riddled with grammar errors and half of the pages are incomplete. Is this actually a product?
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@rivaguy Yes it is! Our eagerness to test the market have gotten the better of us but those grammar errors will be fixed. Pages without content are currently being prepped as well. Thanks David for your early feedback!
Learning how to drive a stick is very easy. You could be on your way to being comfortable in a few hours.
Great if you want to buy a standard, drive a classic, race at the track.. a lifetime skill
Is practicaly useful.
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@renatevanlunteren Thank you! Early market research is showing it will help a lot of people without immediate access to manual transmission vehicles for practice.
do the instructors get rated - uber style?
@pete_walter Yes after the lesson students can rate and leave a review of the instructor and lesson.