Smooth image tracking add on for drones (preorder)

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@perceptivlabs @neilxm Neil, love this product (great job to you and the team) - the demo videos showed smaller cameras as opposed to dslr's - any chance to see the footage with a nikon or canon? I'm looking at this page btw
@perceptivlabs @raj_ventures Yep! the SHIFT is built for smaller drones like the IRIS and the Phantom series, but we're working with film-makers right now to build a SHIFT Pro for cinematographers like to support larger cameras
@perceptivlabs @neilxm These are surely exciting times, I look forward to the PRO version. Any idea when the PRO would be out? Much love to you all for the excellent work and problem solving!
@perceptivlabs @neilxm @raj_ventures Thanks for the kind words Raj!
@perceptivlabs @raj_ventures The Pro version will be coming out by the end of the year ! We're co-developing it right now with film-makers in LA, Toronto and Vancouver
How does this only have 11 upvotes?! So bad ass.
Very cool. cc'ing drone friends, @superamit, @maccaw, @rhabal, @jimbocooper, @bonatsos
wow! sad I didn't see this until just now (been traveling). Sorely needed tech.
Pretty damn awesome.