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Shift 2.0 is here! Switch between Mail, Calendar & Drive + enjoy cross-account Unified Search, Extension Support for Boomerang & Grammarly, Notification Muting + all of your other favorite Apps & Google Services!

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  • Pros: 

    Integrated workflow. Well designed.


    Goodness, that price. No demo. Can't test any new features, including unified search, without plunking down the money.

    Contacted sales about testing the unified search, since it sounds like a useful feature. However, in reality, its utility is dependent on implementation and performance.

    Was told by sales to go ahead and pay for a subscription, since they're confident I'll like it, and if not, contact them back and they'll "see what they can do." (No assurance of a refund) In fact, I can't seem to find their refund policy anywhere.

    Expecting customers to throw money at you just to see whether your software fits their needs seems like a bold policy.

    E.T.Cook has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Nice, polished interface


    Wants to read my email(!), very limited trial, price doesn't match value

    This reminded me of Franz, which is similar and free and which I'm using every day. I like Shift’s UI better, and apparently it supports Chrome Extensions, which is a plus. As a software engineer myself I support paying for good software, but $99 _per_year_ for what’s essentially a browser is just "interesting".

    TIL that for desktop and e-mail apps, stickyness & retention is hard. Make me keep and use your product so long that using it becomes a habit and part of my routine, and I will miss it when it’s gone. With its very limited trial version, Shift 2 will be gone long before it had a chance to become a part of my work day.

    Andreas Pizsa has used this product for one day.


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Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
As promised, your 'secret' coupon codes are here. Remember to act fast as there are only 100 of each! $30 off Shift Advanced, use: Advanced30 $10 off Pro, use: Pro10 If you’re brand new to Shift, simply head to our website, download the app and add the coupon code when you pay for Pro or Advanced. For existing Shift users, you’ll need to open up your app, update to 2.0, then head into Settings > Upgrade + add the coupon code. Note that for existing Pro users, your subscription will be prorated, and the coupon applied on renewal. Good luck.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
👋 Hello again, Product Hunters! We originally built Shift to help you manage multiple Gmail accounts, end the logging-in-logging-out, multiple tab nightmare, and generally just get sh*t done. Now, we've taken things to the next level, and Shift 2.0 might just be the end to all of your productivity woes. We're now offering 3 plans: Basic, Pro, and Advanced to accommodate all of the requests we’ve received since our original launch. With the newest Shift 2.0 Advanced plan, we’ve added: - Unified Search - search across all of your Google accounts, or as I call it, the “receipt finder.” - Extension Support - right now, we’ve added Boomerang and Grammarly. More coming soon! - Apps - access to all of the most popular productivity apps (Slack, Trello, Asana, Invision, Jira…+20 others) - Google Services - before we had Mail, Calendar, and Drive… now we have more! Shift Pro has not been forgotten! It's faster than ever, and we’ve added access to Google Services and Notification Muting to the existing plan 🎉 If you’re just thinking about testing us out, Shift Basic is FREE, no strings attached 😇 Can’t wait to hear what you all think! Tobyn Pssst 👀 codes are coming in the comments soon, but act fast as they are limited! Also, make sure to check out our referral program (refer 5 friends, and get Shift Advanced for free!).
Adithya Shreshti@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@tobyns Wow! Shift in a new avatar. How is this/will this be different from Station which is free (with extensions)? I have a lot of similar apps, but I am waiting for the best ones that supports maximum extensions (it could be Shift or Station) Hunters, download it here (Ref)
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@adithya Great question! Shift is different in that it really zeroes in on email being at the center of the typical user’s workflow, and 2.0 honors that, while offering support for all of the tools our users asked for. To add support for Chrome Extensions, we worked closely with the team at Brave for several months, and we're committed to building a sustainable business model that will make Shift a staple for many years to come.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@tobyns quick note here, we are seeing lots of our Pro users upgrade to Advanced today. Just for clarity, you will be charged a pro rated fee for the remainder of your current subscription, in the case you're wondering why it's less than the discounted annual price. Thanks again for all your support!
Ovi Negrean@ovinegrean · Founder @SocialBeeHQ
Wow! This will be an amazing time saver! Great work @tobyns, @nadia_tatlow, and team!
Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
@tobyns @ovinegrean Thanks, Ovi! #GetShiftDone 🎉
Christoph Biering@chryb_ · Software Engineer. Maker.
Great idea! Well done 👍
Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
@chryb_ thanks!
Arleys Resco@fearlex · Sr. Software Engineer at Fearlex Group
I do like the new Shift, being a Pro user for a while, even when i use Station mostly now, since it has more apps, and extensions. But now with the addition of Trello, and Boomerang, i'm sold. Especially since it is pretty fast compared to Station. Just upgraded to Advanced. Still not convinced about the price, but thanks for the coupon. Keep up the good work, and i do hope to see more integrations and Chrome extensions in the future.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@fearlex Big thanks! We're thrilled to have you on board - more Chrome extensions & apps coming very soon 🙌