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Using Speedlancer's Shido bot you get access to the high quality freelancers who are available to complete your tasks, on demand, 24/7.
@percival Thanks for posting Sean! Very excited about this launch of Shido!
Very excited about this launch of Shido - this is a bot to help you get 'Sh*t Done' by the highest quality freelancers *within Slack itself*, in just 4 hours (powered by Now you don't have to think about how to get things done; just talk to Shido within Slack and have it delivered! (our freelancers include writers from and The Guardian, just to give you an idea of the calibre of freelancers we accept. Prices so reasonable because of last-minute nature of the tasks) I'd love to answer any questions! Although I am in Melbourne time zone at the moment so might be a tad delayed to reply
Shido just gets his s**t done and never talks back
From testing what tasks have been popular so far? And/or what do you think the best uses cases are for this?
@percival Really depends on the type of customer. Startups use us for lead gen and writing up/proofreading blog posts. SMBs use us for branding. But from a B2B perspective, most larger clients use all 3 categories. In terms of the best use case, I think it can be used by startups who don't have full time designers or writers or data-entry gurus, but also by those who do. We have curated the top quality freelancers, meaning we can help ensure your full timers are being used for strategic positions, rather than fulfilling odd-jobs for other team members. Blog writing, proofreading, press releases, branding, banners, social media graphics, logo refreshes, landing pages and even infographics (I suggest uploading inspiration for these), tweaks, data-entry, data-mining and lead generation. Check the homepage for some eg use cases too! :) TL;DR, it depends!
how is the quality of the work? can any joe off the street be a speedlancer? or where do the workers come from?
@therealders Thanks for the question. We have 6 steps to quality assurance. We like to say we have the top 1%-ers through 1) inviting from quality sources, 2-4) putting them through 3 rounds of recruiting, 5) giving customers at least one free round of revisions and 6) offering our refund guarantee where the task still doesn't match the description after the free round of revisions. That's why we have >95% customer satisfaction on each order (measured by customer ratings from each job posted). Our writers are all native-English, from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia only. They all have PR/media experience - some are published authors and others have written for sites like Inc, The Guardian, and The Examiner. Designers can be based anywhere in the world as long as their portfolios are top notch and their English is strong. Data-entry is mainly out of a few trusted BPO centres around the world, but also through US-based freelancers. So, no, it's tough to become a Speedlancer. We don't even have an application form on our site, so good luck 'applying', and of those that we meticulously *invite*, only 20% actually get through!
@stoneadam @therealders Hello, 20-percenter here. I think that, on top of the stringent process Adam just outlined, I add my own yardstick: I make SURE I can complete the task before I even bid. (I do data automation, so it's just a matter of understanding the client's ad hoc request.)