Sherlock Alerts

Get actionable, realtime product engagement alerts in Slack

Slack alerts based on how your accounts are engaging (or not engaging) with your product.
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Super excited to launch Sherlock Alerts - pretty natural extension of the Sherlock product. We've always wanted this kind of solution to help me and my team more easily stay on top of engagement - having this info in Slack is amazing. Few specific use cases - SaaS sales teams can get alerts when a trial account becomes activated or increases engagement, CS teams can get alerts when any of their accounts expands or reduces their usage, product teams can get alerts when a new feature becomes adopted...and much more. At a previous start-up, we actually launched an MVP a similar product: It didn't survive an acquisition, but it was really well received. This iteration is way better :-)

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Sherlock is great - we use it for tracking engagement on account and user level + implementing account activation.


Nothing for now - they're improving very fast.

I love that Sherlock helps businesses hone their focus on the customer using data to surface important insights about engagement. This is a great product.