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Powerful user engagement scoring for SaaS businesses.

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User engagement is the lifeblood of any SaaS business, but there is really no easy way to quantify it. Sherlock allows all SaaS businesses to (a) score the engagement of their users, accounts and segments; and (b) ship that score to all their important operational tools.


Daniel Wideman
Vladimir Blyshchyk


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Ty Magnin
Ty Magnin@tymagnin · Dir of Product Mktg Content - UiPath
Congrats on the launch team! This tool tested super well at Drunk User Testing SF. Excited to see how it's taken by a larger audience 🎉
Lenny Hu
Lenny HuMaker@lenndizzle · Designer and Product Guy
@tymagnin Thanks Ty! Drunk user testing was super fun!
Derek Skaletsky
Derek SkaletskyMaker@dskaletsky · Head of Product, Kissmetrics
Hi everyone - we're really excited to be re-releasing Sherlock to the world (we had released an MVP about 18 months ago, then went through an acquisition, blah, blah, blah). Happy to answer any questions you have here!
Dane Lyons
Dane LyonsMakerPro@duilen · Founder of v1Labs
We're pretty excited about integrations. You can currently ship your engagement data to: - Intercom: Great for helping your CS team figure out how to help your trial users. If a user has a score > 50 in their first 7 day, you can assume they're figuring things out. Maybe send a few pro user tips to get them to the next level. If a user has a score < 15 after the first 7 days, it's red alert time. They need help. - Salesforce: Great for helping your sales team prioritize which free users need a little nudge to become paid users. - Segment: Getting your data back into Segment makes it easy to connect your engagement data with the tools your team rely on. We'll also be launching an integration with Slack soon! I'm pretty excited about this because it helps your whole team gain a better understanding of who your users are and how they're engaging with your app.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Jack Moberger
Jack Moberger@jack_moberger · User Experience @ Appcues
Awesome!! Congrats again from the Appcues team :)
Derek Skaletsky
Derek SkaletskyMaker@dskaletsky · Head of Product, Kissmetrics
@jack_moberger Thanks, Jack. Don't tell anyone, but I think we'll see some collaboration there soon :)