Shenmue 3

The long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series

SOOOO much nostalgia hitting me this E3. While far from perfect, Shenmue was incredibly innovative and fun for its time. Somehow they made moving crates fun. :)
@rrhoover seriously, what other game has fans waxing poetic over a forklift? Shenmue was ahead of it's time in every way possible. I've never felt so immersed in a game before or after. Shenmue's world felt real and alive, the obsessive polish around all these mundane details (make small talk with anyone, buy a soda, chill at the arcade, open any drawer) combined with an epic story that was stupidly ambitious in scope is completely unmatched. never stopped believing the series would come back someday.
@rrhoover Man, I too spent way too much time with the mini games in Shenmue. Loved how the series blended many game genres together. Definitely very ambitious for its time. This really has been the best E3 in a while!
@fahmsikder @rrhoover Massive nostalgia here too. I loved the quick time events, felt like you were in movie
I may or may not have dropped $160 on this last night, five minutes after the announcement. I can neither confirm nor deny,
It's finally happening. ;_;
Let's not forget Shenmue introduced the Quick Time Event. :) Its stamp on gaming is larger than people might realise. It was the first game that attempted and to a certain extent succeeded at total immersion and a sense of being there. Must've watched the intro a thousand times.
@cyhwuhx Oh yeah, totally forgot about the QTE's. Wish games didn't abuse them so much these days however.
Anyone know where I can find some sailors????
@machinehuman how about trying lucky hit?