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Thanks for hunting us @davemcclure! Hey PH! We’re excited to show you Shelf. Let’s say you’re shopping for a new digital SLR camera. You could spend hours online doing research and reading reviews, or you could ask that friend who knows the most about cameras to share their experiences with you and get a recommendation you trust. Shelf is a place to discover great products with people who actually use them. Follow your friends on Shelf and talk about their product experiences (good and bad). You can also get a quick inventory of your things (optional and private) by syncing your email receipts or Amazon orders. View your inventory by category, store, or price and easily sell your stuff on popular marketplaces. Check it out and let us know what feedback you have! Check out our shelves:,,, and
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I was an early Shelf user (and am an investor). Super service where I can see all of my online purchases.
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I love that you call out a bunch of value propositions and don't explicitly message about identifying through material objects. Still, I found myself viewing this like a Goodreads or for products, both of which I end up using to express my identity, evaluate compatibility with other people, and envy in others' taste. That comparison to Goodreads/ bodes well for market success! "Discover products your friends love" is the value proposition that hit strongest for me, but not enough to activate.
@joshbenjamin thanks for the feedback!
This is awesome.
Shelf's ability to catalogue all of my products with pretty much no work from my end is really impressive. I connected my Gmail and Amazon accounts (which took all of two seconds) and they pretty pretty much instantly did a flawless job of importing, categorizing, and organizing all of the stuff I bought. I also was able to quickly import something that I bought in person (an xbox game I got at GameStop) by just pasting in a URL. I'm hoping that more of my friends start to use this so that we can rely on each other for product recommendations instead of hunting for reviews, etc.
@siegeleddie glad to hear you had a good experience! Loved seeing your Arnold collection on Shelf :)