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Hey Producthunt crew! I'm on the Shelby team and we just released our iPad app. Would love to know what you all think. AMA!
Hey @ckurdziel! Congrats on the launch of the iPad app. Shelby's changed a bit since it first launched several months ago. I'm curious to hear how it's changed and why?
Hey Ryan! One of the bigger things that's new in the iPad app is the fact that we're not requiring signup up front (we'll be bringing this to iPhone pretty soon as well). This decision was partially inspired by how TV works (you plug it in and turn it on and can start watching right away) but it's also a function of how things are changing with mobile. People tend to be wary of heavyweight signup forms. Because we have an app install, we can still start to deliver some personalization without any information and work to gain the user's trust before asking them to sign up.
Nice, @ckurdziel. How are you different from other video discovery/consumption apps like 5by ( and Showyou (
Good question, @rrhoover - relative to 5by we focus more on more personalization whereas they are more situationally oriented (what category of video are you in the mood for?). Showyou is pretty similar, but one of the bigger differentiators is our underlying focus on social and context around video (which is also part of our history as a company). While we've moved away from the social stuff a bit and now allow you to follow channels of publishers who interest you, social is still a deep part of how we do our recommendations and something that is core to our product philosophy. Ultimately, we believe that context around a video (who else watched it, why it's relevant, etc) is what turns a regular old YouTube video into something that's funny, engaging or enlightening. Our goal is to present relevant context to the user to make that a reality and thus facilitate a more meaningful video viewing experience.