Sheetsu Handlebars is a child of a low-code and Google Sheets. You can change your website straight from a spreadsheet without extra code.

The steps are simple - every place where you want to add any custom value, taken from Sheets, you add {{ handlebars }} into your code.

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Hi 👋 I’m a founder of Sheetsu Handlebars. It doesn't matter if you are dev or not; now you will be able to change your website from a Google Sheet. Handlebars allow you to code even less with custom snippets. It works with any web technology and most of the mobile ones. Ask me anything!
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Sheetsu powered my e-learning application for the last 14 months, I'm a paying user with no affiliations.

I'm no dev.

It is a tool I can't live without (makers please do not read this) ;-)

All my data is in three separate Google Spreadsheet (each of them of course has redundancy, versioning, collaboration tools). Some of this data is sent to two different websites, some is crunched and then sent.

What is unique, to me, is the ability to abstract your numbers, code, elements, and let them be used for different meanings. The same numbers provide html code, statistics, even provide room for feedbacks.

Code is lean, easy to maintain, docs are good, and support is fast!

Handlebars will make my code even cleaner!



Easy, well documented, extremely powerful


It makes me feel lazy :-D

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Most of this possible with Sheetsee (and free):
@dshan I agree with you. I tried using it a while back but as a novice I needed some more details and examples of use. Im sure someone more experienced would have done ok with sheetsee but the Sheetsu docs and examples sheetu has are far better.
@dshan Hi Derek, Sheetsu is for free as well. Sheetse is looking nice too! 🙂
Taking the best what Google Spreadsheet can offer and applying this to a website development process. Great idea for those tired of updating website content with less user-friendly CMS solutions, looking forward to it becoming more popular in global web building process!

An innovative but user-friendly approach towards website's content management.


simple to apply, simplicity in website's update


hope it will feature plugins to apply the solution in WIX and other non-developers' website builders some day