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#2 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2018

Sheetbase is a ecosystem that contains tools for developers to build websites and apps at small scaled.

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Hello, It’s been some time since the first introduction of Sheetbase, at that point Sheetbase is very much a proof of concept, but we still receive good feedback from the community. So we decided spending more effort to push the platform further with lots of exciting stuffs. See more at the homepage: What changes: - Using Typescript. - Modular packages. - Redesign theme system. - A JavaScript client. - Rebuild the CLI. Hope you enjoy! Love <3
@lamnhan - wow, great website and I'm absolutely loving the documentation, which allows users to submit suggestions as it's backed by github! Questions: 1. What are you using to power your documentation? More products need to adopt open source docs. 👏 2. Does sheetbase have a roadmap or list of feature that are currently being developed? 3. When can we expect sheetbase to use Promise based API? Using promises would make the API even more easier to use (test & contribute & might drive more adoption too). Might be useful too look at this for promises & async/await for sheetbase: - -what the api could look like since sheetbase looks similar to express - - how to properly use & implement:
@cliffordfajard0 Hello, Thank you for your comment. I try my best to answer all your questions: 1. The site docs is just a github repo with every article is a .md file, then we render on our site using markdown parsing tool, in our case the ngx-markdown. 2. We sure have a list of feature to be added to the platform, may be a docs article added for this subject. 3. Since Sheetbase server app runs on special platform (Google Apps Script) that as we know does not support Promise or even callback at all (just a subset of ES3 supported) (???). Of course, at the client, promise or observable must be used. Thank you, feels free to send me questions!
Looks great. What permissions do you need from google account?
@olsengrant Hello, I assume you ask about the permission of the command 'sheetbase google connect'; the CLI requires drive.file to setup project files and apps script related scopes; please run the command for more detail, you can cancel the process if you do not want to. Then, you have another permission asked when deploy your own server app, this is not control by us, specific scopes will be use when use use certain modules. For example: you use only the Core Server module, it requires no scope; then you add Sheets Server module, it now requires spreadsheet scope; add more module may result more scopes required. If you have found any security concern or vulnerable, please let us know. We try our best to protect developer data. Thank you!
The website doesn't work any more :(
@tiretduhaut Hello, sorry for the inconvenient, we migrate the homepage to Thank you!