Create a website from Google Sheet without a code and accept payments via Stripe
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2 Reviews5.0/5
👋 Hi PH, 🎉 I worked hard on adding the most requested features ever: ✍️ Receive data via Google Forms + 💳 Accept payments via Stripe + 💌Get email alerts The best validation of your idea is if people pay, and now you can validate that with Sheet2Site for Stripe + Google Forms
I use this on my job board. It means I no longer have to pay to use Typeform or something similar so it saves me money every month! Nice new feature for Sheet 2 Site.
A really great feature! I use this on my job board for devs without degrees and it saves me £28 a month that I used to spend on Typeform!
love this
A must NoCode Tool for building end to end product very quickly! Love it!